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canceling account? [05 Feb 2013|04:38pm]

Is it possible to delete an itunes account?

(cross-posted to ituneswindows)
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[20 Oct 2012|10:24pm]

This is technically an iPhone question, but I presume a Touch works the same way...

I am really OCD about my albums. I use LJ icons for artwork for a lot of tracks, 'cause they're pretty. I make sure each track has the correct artist.

When I went to sync my music to my shiny new phone, it decided to group my albums funny-I have 2-3 of the same album, because each track has a different artist (EG, I have an album called "Classic 50's," on which are songs by Frank Sinarta, Nat King Cole, and Bobby Darrin) The phone now has 3 albums named Classic 50's, instead of one. I tried to go change the Album Artist fore the albums that have this problem, so each album had the same Album Artist tag, although the artist tags are all different. I also told it that each sone was "part of a compilation." Howver, the phone is still splitting my albums. My iPod is perfectly happy to sybc the same music with the same ID3 tags and sort albums perfectly. How can I fix this before I have a panic attack over the disorganization?
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ipod not syncing? [23 Aug 2012|06:14pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I had some trouble downloading an album from iTunes, but it eventually started working. However, the album plays in iTunes but won't sync with my ipod. I've tried deleting the songs and re-downloading, but it won't work. I've tried talking with tech support and they can't do anything unless I want to pay for Apple support. Seeing as the album itself is around $17, the support package is $29.99 (approximately) and I'm wondering if I should just buy the album from Amazon or something.

Any help?

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Retrieve photos after crash [30 May 2012|11:05pm]

Hi, all.

My laptop recently crashed from a virus, and I lost EVERYTHING. Fortunately, I got my iPod on Manual, so all my music was intact and I was able to copy my media back to my laptop when it was fixed. However, all my photos that are on my iPod have been erased form my computer. Is there any way to get them off my iPod? I've tried searching for ithumb converters, but nothing is free/works for pc/is all in "tech speak." If there's any way that someone knows how to do this and can explain it less technically?
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Another LJ app [14 Jan 2012|01:52am]

I found a new app for LiveJoural, an alternative for the official LJ app. It even allows multiple account logins. I posted about it on my journal at http://vickyblueeyez.livejournal.com/206245.html
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looking for tracker apps [09 Jan 2012|06:55pm]

I have trackers for my mood, sleep, meds, and period. I was wondering if anyone knew of an app where I could track all of this or make even custom trackers all in one?

Also, I wanted to know if there was a mood tracker similar to the NIMH-LCM but it app form.

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Ipad English comm just made [01 Jan 2012|11:57pm]

Since I didn't see one already. Ask questions related to ipad, ipad apps and so on. No sales posts allowed though.

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Ipad com? [25 Nov 2011|09:24pm]

I'm looking for an ipad com -all I can find are Russian ones. Help
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help: ibooks error [16 Oct 2011|07:56pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I'm at my wits end. I've upgraded my iPod Touch 3g to IOS5 and everything seemed fine. Afterwards, when I synced newly converted e-books (from PDF to epub using Calibre), this error appears:

"This page contains the following errors: error on line 1 at column 1:Document is empty error on line 1 at column 1:Encoding error."

I've tried restoring my iPod but it still didn't work.

Somebody please help me.

x-posted to appleworld

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question about trading in/selling 2nd generation pink ipod (2006) [08 Oct 2011|12:17pm]

Hi, everyone.

I have a pink 2nd generation ipod from 2006 that I want to trade in for a new model and was wondering what the trade-in value would be for this model.  Or, would it be wiser to sell it on e-bay instead?

Any advice on this would be very helpful.  Thanks!
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[04 Oct 2011|07:02pm]

I have a 4th gen ipod, does anyone have any reccomendation as to how I can turn of predictive spelling on the "notes" app? I have to make notes about historical costuming and theatre group admin, and its invariably trying to correct words it doesnt recognise...
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shuffle question [01 Oct 2011|09:34am]

I have a 2nd gen shuffle. When listening to a long - 4 hour MP3 - I find it hard to find my place if I fall asleep and need to rewind. Is there a way to hook the shuffle to my mac, find the place and then eject the shuffle and have it be in the right place?  Or perhaps there is a way to split up the long mp3 file? Help please.
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[03 Sep 2011|12:54am]


What is mhotspot ?

> Mhotspot makes your windows laptop/pc as a virtual router.

> It enables to share your internet for other laptops,smartphones,PDAs,Ipods,tablet-pcs,Ipads,gameboids and every wifi enabled devices through wifi.

Overview & Features:

> No need to install this software.

> It is FREE.

> Any number of devices can be connected to the hotspot.

> No router or external hardware is required apart from your existing one.

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Album cover pic [10 Aug 2011|04:23pm]

I used to have a little picture of the album cover in the bottom left of my iTunes screen, but it is not there any more. Anyone know how to get it back? I am using iTunes 10 on a Mac.
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Won't charge, won't sync? What do you do? [30 Jul 2011|02:41pm]

I have a iPhone 3gs that is two years old. It was a refurb and is out of warranty. It won't charge or sync at all. I searched the googles and found some helpful hints that said to restart, resync, etc but nothing worked.

I took it down to the Apple store and they were less haleful than the internet. All they could do for me was replace the board and that cost about as much as a new phone. So I got the new phone. I was due for an upgrade anyway.

Problem solved. Peasants rejoice. Curtain. Lights. Happy ending, right?


Now I have this very expensive old paperweight and I feel like I should do something with it. Pretty much anywhere is going to charge me quite a bit just for a bench fee and I'd hate to pay more (OMG do you know what iPhone cost these days!) just for a backup iTouch.

Do you have any ideas on what to do with this damn ting that does not involve throwing it away?
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[16 Jun 2011|07:45pm]

My little sister just got a brand-new iTouch, and I'm trying to set it up for her to download apps.

I can't set up an account directly for her, because she's only 12, so I tried to set our mother up one that my sister could use, but the sign-up form is telling me that her date of birth doesn't meet their minimum standards, even my mom was born in 1960.

I even tried to set up the account with my birthday, but it wouldn't accept that birthdate either, (even though it let me register and account when I did one for myself)

Would anyone know why this might be?

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itunes missing disc burner [10 Jun 2011|07:44pm]

I know this is an iPod community, but I have a problem with my itunes and I'd like to fix it. Basically, I can't burn any cds from my itunes. I get the message "disc burner or software not found". Does anyone know how to fix this? I downloaded the most recent version of itunes, but that didn't work. Help?!
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Nano 3G center button is stuck [08 Jun 2011|02:44pm]


I have a Nano 3rd generation (4GB) and it's not the first time my center button is really hard to press or it won't work at all anymore. Which is the case now as well. In the past it has always magically started working again from one moment to another, sometimes after several days, but a) I'm tired of waiting for another miracle, b) I feel like it's been longer than usual now and c) I need to listen to a certain audio book but I have no access to it since audio books seem to be separate from the music files.
The rest of the click wheel works just fine by the way, it's only the center button that won't work.

Has anyone had similar problems before? Any solutions that might work? To reset the iPod won't do of course since the center button is stuck (the most frequent advice I could find via Google) and I'd rather avoid to buy a new one or to have it repaired if it's as expensive as I suspect it is.
Every help is appreciated, thanks a lot in advance!
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converting m4v to mp4 [22 May 2011|11:34pm]

I downloaded an episode of a TV show and it's in m4v format. I have a 5th gen old school iPod (circa 2006) and iTunes won't transfer the show to my iPod, saying it's in a format that's not playable.

The file isn't copy-protected. Is there a safe, free program that can convert it to mp4?

Thank you.
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Question about best way to sync w/more music than ipod capacity [26 Apr 2011|09:16pm]

I've got a 30gig Classic ipod and way more music (& videos/podcasts/etc.) to fit on it at once.
In the past I've been able to just check the music, etc. I want to sync and that's all that would sync to my ipopd. After my last itunes update to version this no longer seems to be happening.

I have a feeling there's a really obvious answer to this - any suggestions?

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